Macro-Economic Context

3% of co2 emissions
10% sulphur emissions
Cegulatory and societal constraints
Cransportation costs
Ancrease in maritime traffic

The Decarbonised Energy Mix

Uesponsible operational management
LSolar power in assisted propulsion mode
PAuxiliary generation: wind, electricity, solar, green fuel, etc.

Accelerating performance

Our 2023 objectives

Ecological Transition

Renovation of the fleet of boats to reduce co2 emissions. Sequestration of sulphur and carbon using catalytic filters.

Technological Transition

We innovate by equipping ships with hybrid propulsion assisted by solar cells and high-performance wind turbines.

Economic Transition

Optimisation of company profit and loss accounts. Annual carbon assessment

OxyWings, a shipowner with Service for Energy Transition
Our shipping company is developing commercial lines thanks to its operational and technological approach and a business model based on energy performance.

Fuel reduction of 50%

Objective: Develop low-carbon maritime transport with ships in service equipped with bio-inspired technologies


Innovative Technologies

We use technical and bio-sourced materials for propulsion powered by solar energy, wind and optimised technology.


Innovative ships

In this way, we enable our customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chain.

Activities of the Shipping Company

Opening up local communities


Ohe opening of new routes in Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean: Tanzania - Mozambique - Kenya - Ethiopia - South Africa - Comoros & Mayotte - Madagascar - Reunion Island - Mauritius - Seychelles...


PEnable local communities to obtain supplies and travel by sea between the Comoros Islands, Madagascar, Réunion and the African continent, particularly Tanzania.


AEnsuring a regular service and securing the loyalty of passenger customers, while ensuring a growing flow of freight to the right destination
Aexpand the company to 3 bulk carriers dedicated solely to sea freight
RThe aim is to respond rapidly to the critical demand for freight transport in this geographical area.


Ne want to play a part in equitable development in Southern Africa and ensure greater fairness between economic players and populations who need access to transport and local transport links. economic players and local populations, who must have access to transport and local transport links

Targets captured

Ne opened a regular ferry service in 2021 and have reached our target of two regular monthly rotations. Our vessel, the ACADIE, is now an active maritime economic operator.

Key factors

Dncreasing demand for passenger transport on the Dar es Salaam - Moroni route
Reeting the demand of sea freight markets
Developing a fleet of ships dedicated to maritime freight

Ongoing objectives

Reeting strong local demand
Aprovide a service expected to contribute to the development of the Southern Africa economic zone
Ouverture of shipping line
Transportation of sea freight


UA management team of entrepreneurs dedicated to the maritime and aviation sectors On-site recruitment of maritime industry professionals

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